Delete or restrict the apps on your child’s smartphone

Jessie Liew SP
3 min readJun 14, 2023


Today, I am going to debunk a myth that you should delete or restrict the apps on your child’s smartphone.

In this digital era, it seems we can’t separate our children from electronic devices and the Internet.

They are using the screen / Internet to do their school work, to study, to communicate and socialize with their friends, and for entertainment.

A study published in the journal Pediatrics found that excessive media use, including internet and video game use, is associated with increased behavioral problems, such as hyperactivity, inattention, and aggression, in children.

These are some of the challenges parents face today in this digital era.

One of the mistakes parents made in their child’s screen time is they think by putting rules not to have the apps, deleting or restricting the apps will solve their child’s screen time issues.

This is done from a belief that their children will follow their instructions as they are the parents.

This is also done from the place to limit their screen time and control their child’s behavior.

You have this belief “If I remove the apps or limit their app’s functionality, they won’t be addicted”.

What if I tell you this belief is flawed?

Let’s go through one of the case studies.

14-year-old daughter not allowed to have Instagram.

Found she has an account she uses from her friend’s phone.

Allow having TikTok but private profile.

When the father is not aware, change to a public account.

Constant lying, sneaking, making excuses, and repeating the prohibited behavior.

The father imposed rules, set boundaries, and even try to talk nicely instead of blowing up.

What do you observe from this case study?

1)The parents are limiting their child’s screen time, disallowing or deleting apps

2)It is getting tougher and tougher when your children grow older or become teenagers. They become sneaky, trying to hide or lie about their stuff.

3) Lack of trust and safe space communication.

I have a webinar where I share 20 painful mistakes that Parents Regret Making In Their Child’s Screen Time and How to Avoid Them.

Here are the 20 mistakes.

Today, we cover

Mistake #7: The primary focus is to limit and control the screen time strategy

You have this belief “If I delete the apps or restrict the apps, they won’t be addicted”.

What if I tell you this belief is flawed?

What did your child learn from this control and limit strategy?

They learn to be more sneaky and hide things from you.

If you are thinking to focus on deleting or restricting apps on your child’s smartphone, you could be wrong!

I don’t mean you allow them to use any apps that they want.

You need to learn to parent your children in this digital age by introducing the apps and guiding them to use them responsibly and mindfully and stay safe online.

The key is you need to guide them on how to use these apps/technologies. You need to empower your child to use the screen/Internet responsibly and wisely.

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