I was so thankful that my story got chosen and selected as “Women of Self Education Revolution”.

Jessie Liew SP
3 min readMar 15, 2022


Dean Graziosi always said that “You’re doing a disservice to the world by not putting your knowledge out to the world and by holding on to that knowledge that can change and impact so many lives”.

These words were so POWERFUL and inspired me to share my “digital parenting” strategies on children’s screen time.

I knew my methodologies work to help parents reduce their child’s screen time and to nurture good screen habits in their child.

One day, *Hanna (not real name) saw my profile and connected with me. She wanted to learn from me!

In the past, Hanna has to snatch the iPad from her son, yelled, and even beg his son to take away his iPad from him.

The son would cry, kick away his mom, and try to snatch back his iPad.

Hanna’s son was addicted to his iPad. The moment he wakes up, he will go to his iPad and spend the entire day with it.

Her son installed about 25 games on his iPad and spend the entire day gaming and watching YouTube. He refused to allow Hanna access to his iPad.

Hanna was not tech-savvy and find it is challenging to set parental control on his iPad.

After attending the session, her son’s iPad use is about 2 hours a day. He doesn’t whine or yell for his iPad and can indulge in other activities.

Now he can enjoy his time playing with his brother and cousin and even spend time with his grandparents walking to a nearby park daily.

Not only did Hanna has changed from being helpless, guilty, and feeling like a bad mom, now she felt more confident as a mother and even becomes a more tech-savvy “digital mom”.

She has a deeper connection with her children, and his son has returned from “being possessed by iPad demon” to his old self, a sweet and polite boy.

Do you know what makes Hanna’s story more interesting?

All of these results were garnered in a span of eight weeks only.

Yes, that’s how fast our reducing screen time secrets can be implemented … and can get results.

I wasn’t thought that it can even help the child to overcome screen addiction!

Yes, I was shocked myself.

I am so glad that I started with my personal development journey, knowing I have something to share, and continue to share my stories.

Big thanks to people and coaches I met along my coaching business journey like Dean Graziosi, Melvin Soh and Josiah Tan for inspiring me to keep going

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