My child sneaks at midnight to play computer games!!!

Jessie Liew SP
2 min readMay 24


My child sneaks at midnight to play computer games!!!

Omg. I caught my child sneaking at midnight to play computer games.

It was already past midnight. I thought everyone was asleep as I walked to the computer room and realize my daughter was there playing her computer games.

Therefore, I keep her grounded and set up rules that no games or smartphones at bedtime.

It doesn’t work. My child becomes more sneaky and lying about her screen time or her activities.

It seems the children are so focused and addicted to the screen. Other than the screen, he doesn’t want to be with anything or anyone else.

These are some of the challenges parents face today in this digital era.

One of the mistakes parents made in their child’s screen time is they underestimate the power of tech / Internet that has stolen our children’s attention and focus.

All these apps/technologies are designed to be addictive.

Once your children’s attention and focus have been directed to these technologies, it is hard to redirect them.

You have tried everything, trying to talk nicely, explaining why, giving them the decision to decide, setting up rules, punishing them by taking away the devices, or even trying to limit your children’s screen time.

But nothing works.

The key is you need to guide them on how to use these apps/technologies. You need to guide them to maintain their focus and attention.

I have a webinar where I share 20 painful mistakes that Parents Regret Making In Their Child’s Screen Time and How to Avoid Them.

Here are the 20 mistakes.

Today, we cover

Mistake #7: Parents underestimate the power of apps/technologies which has stolen our child’s attention and focus

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We need to learn & adapt to parenting our children in this digital era.

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