Parents! Thinking that outdoor activities can prevent screen addiction? You could be wrong!

Jessie Liew SP
1 min readMay 8


One of the mistakes I share in my webinar is many parents mistakenly think by enrolling their child in multiple activities would prevent screen addiction.

I had an interesting conversation with my friend Aaron where he shared about his childhood gaming addiction.

One of the interesting things he mentioned is that his mum enroll him in multiple extra co-curriculum activities such as Chinese class, piano class, martial arts, and so on.

Let’s listen to Aaron sharing.

So there you are.

I have a webinar where I share 20 painful mistakes that Parents Regret Making In Their Child’s Screen Time and How to Avoid Them.

Here are the 20 mistakes.

Today, we cover one of the mistakes which is pARENTS mistakenly think that outdoor activities can prevent screen addiction

After listening to Aaron sharing, if you are thinking outdoor activities can

prevent screen addiction, you could be wrong!

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